Treasure: Mexico Travels Part 12

The hardest part of a vacation is the end. It’s back to real life.  The task of each day is no longer,  “Where shall we go exploring now?”

But on the plus side,  it’s Christmas! Open up the suitcase and see what treasures came back home with me! 

Oaxaca is known for its tin sculptures. Both of these mirrors are somewhat typical of what they sell. I liked the big spread wings of the demon mirror. It seems to say something about the vanity of needing a mirror in the first place. Speaking of winged demons…

When I see something in a store I want to buy,  I become a shark. I pass by it once, circle back,  look at it again,  one more time… Basically,  I find myself drawn back to it multiple times until I buy it. This dirty demon with his dick out, playing the trumpet, a dirty cord for a tail… I couldn’t resist. 

I felt the same way about this dog howling at the moon. Or maybe about to bite someone. He was so cute and evil at the same time. 

It’s nice to bring things back to share. Like four big bags of odd Mexican candy… 

And booze… 

It’s pretty amazing when your liquor has a maestro.  We ended up going to In Situ three times, and tried 19 different types of mezcal. One of our favourites was the above, so we bought a bottle. They wrapped it in bubble wrap for us, and then I wrapped it in a pair of pants in my suitcase. It made it to Canada safely. I always worry. 

You are only allowed to bring in so many bottles of booze into Canada when you travel. More than one, they want to see the bottles. The forms actually mention how many millilitres you’re allowed per person.  It gets silly. One bottle seemed safest. If I was braver,  I’d bring back a case of different mezcals home. 

On a more practical level… 

And a nice,  black leather wallet. Because whenever I take it out of my pocket, I’ll remember Mexico. 

I also bought a bunch of books and magazines,  to help me study Spanish. We have more Spanish classes starting Wednesday night. No, really. We’re taking this travel stuff seriously. I want my Spanish to be excellent when I finally make it to Bolivia for the skull festival. 

Alas, for now, it’s back to real life. Time to try to lose the ten pounds of fat I probably gained on holidays. And prep for the next big adventure.